Fish Farm

We farm high-quality finfish, crustacean and shellfish with the least impact for the environment employing cutting-edge, eco-sustainable technology.

Sealand combines earth and sea to breed the best fisheries products with the least impact for the environment, keeping intact the sea wildlife.

Situated in a strategic area and with government permits, we can use marine water from the Maltese subsoil in our fish farm for our R.A.S. Recirculating aquaculture system.

Sealand renovated previously existing fisheries, now at the forefront of recirculating aquaculture systems. This farming allows to recreate a highly-controlled marine ecosystem, purified through innovative pumps and filters.

Sealand uses renewable energies to support a trigeneration system, returning clean water to the sea.

The large storage areas of the fish farm allow a precise management of the fisheries products (both small and big quantities).

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We breed in our R.A.S. fish farm the best fisheries products.We also provide consulting and analysis services in collaboration with the best university research institutes.


We farm finfish, crustacean and shellfish employing RAS (Re-circulating Aquaculture System). This is an eco-sustainable technique, which may reduce water usage and improve waste management.

Situated in a strategic area and with government permits, we can use marine water from the Maltese subsoil in our fish farm.

We constantly control the waters making sure that high quality standards are respected, by assuring a high productivity and flexibility.

Fish Farm can produce ‘in rotation’ more then 7.000 kilos of seafood.

Wide stocking areas, then, allow us to distribute small or big supplies of our seafood on short-term delivery.

Recirculating aquaculture system

The “recirculating” farming is part of those innovative technologies that allow us to look at the sea from another point of view. We take a small amount of water from the sea and use it to raise crustaceans and molluscs to the ground in a highly controlled process.

This innovative process allows farming under a “controlled” environment, with preservation of the sea.

Marine water, collected from the Maltese subsoil, is filtered after mechanic, biologic and thermic treatment in order to have the correct gas and chemical balance. A patented bio-filter removes harmful waste. Through a constant sanitary control, the conditions remain healthy and grow, so that the fish can grow fast and healthy with low impact on the environment.

Consulting, Research and Development

The core of our research is the development of sustainable and eco-compatible methodologies in the field of aquaculture, with full respect for the environment.

Thanks to valuable collaborations with universities and scientific researchers, we can conduct high-level targeted research for our clients. The favorable geographical location of our laboratory allows us to perform research directly.

Our goal is starting from a recirculation system (RAS – Recirculating Aquaculture System) to achieve a system of virtuous economy such as IMTA (Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture). The general concept is to breed and cultivate different animal and plant species, using for their growth part of the energy losses due to the production of each of them. For example, animal dejections can be used to produce plants or algae and these can be used as fodder for other animals. This system is also known as aquaponics.

The analysis lab

We offer services related to biotechnologies and water analysis to companies, which want to develop their knowledge on aquaculture. Sealand lab is a professional service we offer our customers which controls and rules the different activities in our fish farm.