Live Crabs

We import live crabs and store them in our fish farm until they are ready to be distributed to your kitchen!

Delivery 7 days a week!

Live Crabs

Our live crabs are available in different size/price:

  • Standard portion 600/800 gr / each
  • Selected portion 800/1,000 gr / each
  • Jumbo 1,000 gr + / each

We guarantee the delivery of a live product in the best degree of ripeness.
Our crabs are caught in the open sea, where they reached the right level of ripeness, and stored promptly in our fish farm.


In Sealand we keep our crustaceans alive and in perfect health conditions in our aquaculture tanks with recirculating water R.A.S. through the cold relaying process. Our maintenance process is totally free of any chemical product, 100% organic and natural.


Sealand’s project join the essence of the sea and the earth. For this reason, in the future, we will breed the best crustaceans in our fish farm to give back to the sea what we have taken from the sea.

Thanks to our Aquaculture Recirculation Water tanks R.A.S. we are not influenced by the environmental variables being able to keep our crustaceans always in the best conditions, ready to be delivered in your Hotel, restaurant or supermarket every day of the year.

The crabs guarantee a high protein value with a high biological value with very low fat content. They are also an excellent source of B vitamins, iron and potassium.


Calories/Energy 80 kcal
Fat 1g
Saturated fat 0.3g
Cholesterol 195mg
Sodium 195mg
Salt 0.9g
Potassium 260mg
Carbohydrates 0g
Fibers 0g
Sugar 0g
Protein 21g

Daily delivery 7 days a week!

We import and distribute throughout the year on schedule or on request even on the same day at Maltese restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.