Live Lobsters

We import live lobsters and store them in our fish farm until they are ready to be distributed to your kitchen!

Delivery 7 days a week

Live Lobsters

Our live lobsters are available in different size/price:

  • Basic portion 450/650 gr / each
  • Standard portion 650/900 gr / each
  • Selected portion 800/1,200 gr / each
  • Jumbo 1,200/1,800 gr + / each

We guarantee the delivery of a live product in the best degree of ripeness.
Our lobsters are caught in the open sea, where they reached the right level of ripeness, and stored promptly in our fish farm.

The cold storing 100% Organic process

In Sealand we keep our crustaceans alive and in perfect health conditions in our aquaculture tanks with recirculating water R.A.S. through the cold relaying process. Our maintenance process is totally free of any chemical product, 100% organic and natural.


Sealand’s project join the essence of the sea and the earth. For this reason, in the future, we will breed the best crustaceans in our fish farm to give back to the sea what we have taken from the sea.

Thanks to our Aquaculture Recirculation Water tanks R.A.S. we are not influenced by the environmental variables being able to keep our crustaceans always in the best conditions, ready to be delivered in your Hotel, restaurant or supermarket every day of the year.

A source of high quality protein and omega 3, it guarantees a good supply of phosphorus and calcium, of B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium.

Average indicative nutritional values for 100g

Calories/Energy 56 kcal/236 kJ
Fat 0g
Saturated fats 0g
Cholesterol 80mg
Sodium 510mg
Salt 1.3g
Potassium 230mg
Carbohydrates 0g
Fibers 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 13g


Pour at least 2 liters of water for every kg of lobster in a large pot. Add 1/2 cup of sea salt per liter (2 tablespoons of sea salt per liter) of water and bring to boiling. Gently but quickly drop the lobsters upside down in boiling water, one at a time. Lobsters of similar size should be cooked together to avoid overcooking. If there are various sizes in the pot, base the cooking time on the larger lobster to make sure it is cooked (between 12 and 30 minutes of cooking depending on the size).


Divide a cooked lobster in half lengthwise and break the claws. Remove and discard the vein that runs along the tail and the small bag located behind the eyes. Brush the lobster with melted butter or sauce to make the meat moist and tender. Put on the grill with the shell facing down for three or four minutes, or just until the lobster is heated. Be careful not to overcook.


Ideally you should use a meat thermometer inserted in the center of the thickest part of the body by drilling the membrane on the back between the body and the tail of the lobster with the tip of the thermometer. A well cooked lobster must reach 82°C (180°F). If the lobster is not cooked enough, the meat may appear opaque (not white) and inside you may find a thick and translucent liquid. If it is a female, there may be a black and oily gel inside the body and tail (eggs). Externally, the shell may not be completely red yet.

How should I store live lobster?

There are several ways to store a live lobster but only one to keep it in good health and that is using a professional aquarium. Contact us to receive more information about our aquariums.

How long can I keep a cooked lobster?

A cooked lobster can be frozen if dipped in a container or in an envelope with a solution of water and sea salt containing ¼ cup of salt dissolved in 1 liter of fresh water.

Can i freeze a live lobster?

A live lobster should not be frozen.

Why cooked lobsters becomes red?

The shell of a lobster is naturally red, thanks to a carotenoid pigment, similar to that found in carrots. Other pigments on the surface of the shell mask the underlying red color. The cooking destroys the protein bonds of the surface pigment, allowing to show the carotenoid pigment of the shell.

Cos’è la sostanza verde trovata all’interno di un astice cotto?

È chiamato tomalley e funziona in modo simile al fegato e al pancreas. Il tomalley è commestibile e alcune persone lo considerano una prelibatezza dato che è molto ricco di lipidi saporiti.

What’s that green substance in cooked lobster?

It’s tomalley and works similarly to the liver and pancreas. It’s edible and some people consider it a delicacy.

What’s the red substance inside a lobster tail?

The eggs and are found only in females. Eggs are edible and some people consider it a delicacy. Just like the shell, the uncooked eggs are dark green and becomes red when they cook.

Daily delivery 7 days a week!

We import and distribute throughout the year on schedule or on request even on the same day at Maltese restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.